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Blood Pressure Side Effects

The blood pressure side effects to serious health problems increase intensity if not addressed properly, and vary these effects and complications from person to person depending on the four key risk factors can not be controlled are:

- Age: As increasing the probability of developing high blood pressure with age.
- Ethnicity: Valzenoj are more likely to have high blood pressure than whites.
- Gender: In young adulthood and middle age, men are more susceptible to infection than women, and vice versa later sessions.
- Family history: It produces high blood pressure by genetic factors.
In general, for high blood pressure substantial adverse repercussions on all members of the body, but most members affected are heart, kidney and brain to detail the following: Heart: The result of high blood pressure do not get the heart to the required quantity of blood and oxygen which may lead to coronary and the incidence of heart attack, and this lack of chronic ischemia, the heart may lead to the death of part of the heart muscle and the heart stops beating for what causes the often fatal.
Brain: A result of the narrowing of the arteries carrying ischemia brain blood leads to heart comes the image of a sudden loss of strength and a sense of paralysis, may occur Nubia (stroke) due to rupture of a blood vessel in the brain affecting brain function, and the entry of a patient in a coma. Kidney: As we know, the high blood pressure leads to a lack of ischemia, blood, a result of the ischemic kidney under usability for the disposal of waste and toxins, and this is called renal insufficiency, which results in the accumulation of toxic substances in the blood.

blood pressure side effects
Away from medicines and drugs, there is a natural character Doctors recommend taking up the lower blood pressure to avoid damage resulting from it .. On top of those recipes drink water ... Because first and foremost protect rights of drought and diseases of the kidneys and prevents the shocks around the eyes and spinal cord, this is what the researcher Christopher Mathias, because people with low blood pressure, a sudden they have a bug in the nervous system automatic that controls body functions such as blood pressure and heart rate and sweating, so Water is the best way to reduce the pressure. Hibiscus .. Of the most important and best drinks that are used to regulate the blood pressure side effects to the body, where doctors advised eat boiled hibiscus "Alsaqa" for reducing blood pressure, and boiled hibiscus "hot" to raise blood pressure, has to some pharmacists to Cairo Company for Pharmaceuticals to draw medication decreases pressure and the fight against microbes papers and hibiscus flowers. Olive leaf .. Where doctors confirmed its effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure, and the way is to be taken four tablespoons of olive leaves, fresh and wash well and then placed in a pot and add to two cups of cold water and then placed on the fire until the boiling point and then taken off the fire and cover and set aside for ten minutes and filtered and the amount of the patient drink a cup after each meal.
Pear .. Nutrition experts are advising the patients blood pressure also address them as they help to reduce high blood pressure because they contain magnesium, is also a powerful cleanser of the stomach and intestines, and the skin is rich in minerals and is considered by the sugar does not affect people with diabetes.
The American Medical Association has revealed in an analysis by the foods and drinks rich in cocoa reduces blood pressure side effects, while it may not result in drinking green tea or black, noting that the decline in blood pressure credited to cocoa could cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 10 and 20 percent.
European medical research and another view, has shown that the core of watermelon after roasted without added salt and eating helps reduce high blood pressure, noting that it also contains many vitamins and minerals .. The discussion also to other seeds of fruit, including Nui apricots, which are similar benefits with the benefits of almonds because it contains fat, minerals and vitamins, there are other edible classified by doctors as the normal way to lower blood pressure, the most important fruit for oranges, bananas, grape juice, garlic, melons, nuts, cashew nuts, and soy nuts, and plant almonds.

High Blood Pressure Children

High blood pressure in children and rare diseases often arise as a result of type of secondary hypertension, where high blood pressure due to the infection of another disease.

It is known that the level of blood pressure in children than in adults and increase gradually over the first two decades of life so different from the definition of disease, high blood pressure in children than in adults. There are small volumes of blood pressure measuring devices especially for use with children.
One of the reasons the disease:
1 - congenital kidney disease that the child was born, and learned it had suffered after the birth where a child is in his body swelling and high blood pressure.
2 - cases of high blood cholesterol as a result of genetic factors, and where the disease exists in the family and is transmitted to high blood pressure children.
3 - small renal artery, which could lead to kidney failure and high blood pressure.
4 - tumors of the adrenal gland, leading to water retention and sodium within the body and to reduce the arteries leading to high blood pressure in children.
5 - brain tumors, pediatric tumors of the nervous system. All of these reasons can be cured and therefore possible to control high blood pressure associated with these diseases and thus Khvza to normal levels in children.
A medical study confirmed that persons, who were breastfed from mothers naturally, in the early stages of childhood, less likely to have high arterial blood pressure in the stages of youth and middle age.
The researchers found at the University of Bristol said that breastfeeding was effective in maintaining blood pressure in children, within the acceptable limits, in the same sport and reduce the effectiveness of salt for hypertensive patients than adults.
They noted in their study, they conducted more than two thousand children from Denmark, Estonia, to determine the relationship between breastfeeding and the number of cases and the factors that lead to coronary heart disease that whenever there was periods of maternal breastfeeding longer, the more protective effect on blood pressure When the child is greater.
The doctors explained that high blood pressure is a rise in systolic blood pressure, which forces the heart to pump blood to parts of the body to over 140 millimeters of mercury, which increases the risk of strokes and cardiac arrest, kidney failure, and serious problems in blood vessels.
They noted in the journal "Archives of Disease in Childhood," that children who were breastfed by their mothers, enjoy the normal blood pressure, and this effect was noted in both countries, regardless of differences in dietary habits and social relations between the two populations.
The researchers observed, after adjusting for height, weight and growth stages, the systolic blood pressure was lower in children who were breastfed by their mothers for at least 6 months, about 7.1 millimeters of mercury.
Comparing the effectiveness of salt reduction in lowering blood pressure in adults, which amounted to 3.1 mm Hg, and physical activity reduced, by about 7.0 millimeters of mercury, it was found that breastfeeding reduces the high pressure just as effectively, lasts longer, too.
It was unclear why the protective effect of breast milk on blood pressure in children, but it is believed that the fatty acids is a multi-saturation, and long-chain contained therein, is available in infant formula milk, may play a key role in normal growth and healthy development of children.
The previous research has shown that breastfeeding protects children from infections and inflammation, and protect the mother of osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

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Normal blood pressure for men

Normal blood pressure for men As you know Blood is injected through the vascular system under a certain pressure up to each and all members of the body cells just as is the water pressure in the pipes to reach homes।

As the pressure on the advocate of reducing possible to destroy water pipes, the high blood pressure can cause some problems for people.

And Normal blood pressure occurs when the blood pressure on the arteries is higher than normal.

With time, high blood pressure can lead to many other health problems such as:
- Enlarged heart muscle and therefore increase the risk of congestive heart drop
- Damage to the arteries of the kidneys can lead to kidney failure seek refuge
- And because the arteries in the eye is very sensitive, the high blood pressure can only result in damage leading to problems in vision, and even can lead to blindness
Normal blood pressure for men is any reading less than 120/80.

Blood pressure pre-disease, high blood pressure are:
Between 120 and 139 for systolic blood pressure, and m between 80 and 90 for systolic blood pressure.
And diagnose the patient's disease, high blood pressure if the pressure 140/90 or more.
For patients with diabetes or kidney failure, they are with high blood pressure if their reading was 130/80 or more.

- Blood vessels are divided into three main types:

1: arteries Arteries: a blood vessel responsible for the transfer of blood from the heart to all parts of the body .. and take the arteries Food Nutrients, oxygen, except pulmonary arteries Pulmonary Arteries .. and features Donna for veins flexibility severe. Is the main artery is the aorta AORTA, which is directly of the left ventricle LEFT VENTRICLE.

2: veins Veins: a blood vessel responsible for the transport of blood and collected from all over the body is in the heart directly to the right atrium RIGHT ATRIUM, where they accumulate network veins than half of the upper body to be given vena cava upper SUPERIOR VENA CAVA one-half of the body lower to be given INFERIOR VENA CAVA. The veins carry carbon dioxide CARBON DIOXIDE all but the pulmonary veins. PULMONARY VEINS.
The veins are characterized by the same flexibility of arteries.

3: capillaries CAPILLARIES: blood vessels, a small, thin wall where the interface between the network and the network Alhrainip veins ..

Now that we know the kinds of blood vessels in the human body. We have to know that the heart is Balanaqbad Systol extraversion Diastol .. you can imagine that, during the contraction of the heart, generates pressure on the aorta and also during the unfolding generates pressure on the artery, but of course less than a pressure depression . The scientists found that human blood pressure, aneurisms and Arterial Blood Pressure is the ratio between the systolic pressure Systolic Pressure to diastolic pressure Diastolic Pressure .. and identified the proportion in the natural rights of 110/70 to 120/80 and the unit of measurement used in the sticking power mm Hg .. systole mercury lift a heavier metal-meter and 20 cm ..

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Cambridge (Massachusetts U.S.): Richard Lee
Q: When doctors prescribed in the interpretation of blood pressure readings, you take into account Heart Rate and Blood Pressure?
I am a man reported to be 78 years old and suffer from high blood pressure (under control) for more than 40 years। And I constantly monitor blood pressure at home, so enjoy the rest before taking measurements। And my blood pressure is often greater when the heart rate as close to the rate at rest (about 50 beats per minute), and have less pressure when the growing rate of heart beats। Are reassure the requirements and needs of the body, which lead to
heart rate and blood pressure?

A: First, I congratulate you on the exercise of measuring your blood pressure down, as this is an excellent way to control the height, and an important step to preventing the occurrence of stroke. Such measurements are more important than home measurements of individual doctor. It is very important to relax before taking measurements. The heart rate and blood pressure are two aspects go hand in hand with vigor. Nerves and hormones constantly monitors the heart rate and blood pressure, and maintain a balance of both. In fact, any increase alone, alone, blood pressure, can reduce heart rate a bit.

However, the conditions that control the reflex blood pressure and heart rate is not simple. In some cases, blood pressure may drop, while land with the heart rate, as occurs when exposure to the case of fainting. And often rises in blood pressure with heart rate, as occurs in the conduct of exercise, or anger, or in cases of overactive thyroid gland. I suggest you to record measurements of heart rate also recording with blood pressure readings, and submit them to the doctor when you visit him. Can be measured by heart rate to provide information about the health of the heart and blood vessels. The heart rate low, such as those that you have, it may indicate that some drugs appear that they are not useful for your situation. But when there is a high rate of heart beat constantly, it is assumed should examine the thyroid gland.
Those who
Are trying to lower blood pressure, they increase their consumption
Food rich in potassium and sodium to avoid
Because it is harming their health.
The study, published in the Journal of
"Archives of Internal Medicine" that a proportion
High level of sodium in the urine, "20 percent"
Could suffer from stroke
And heart attack and cardiovascular disease
In general, while this danger
Reduced among those who cut deal with this article.
The researchers said that the medical information which
Obtained after the study, they conducted
Included more than 17 thousand deep concern that
Eating fruits and vegetables that contain
Potassium can reduce blood pressure,
Pointing out that dealing with 4700 grams of
Bananas, beans or potatoes, which are sources of
Normal potassium can reduce blood pressure.
They added that the best way to maintain
The components of potassium is through
Roasted or processed by steam prepared to eat

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Natural Remedies For high blood pressure

The heart is also to blame for the case of high pressure or low. And high pressure is not a disease itself, but indicates a lack of balance in the body.

Of symptoms:

1 - headache and ringing in the ear.
2 - Problems in the eye and vision.
3 - dizziness and fainting spells of varying intensity.

natural remedies for high blood pressure Hence the need for everybody who is suffering a rise in pressure or a decrease to see a doctor prescribing appropriate, with a reminder that the grass is not a permanent remedy or appropriate for everyone, but should take caution and adherence to instructions for herbs by professionals to reap the potential benefit, God willing . and to reduce high blood pressure point to the usefulness of linden trees, flower, where he works and it is to drink drenched taken from one teaspoon to eat once a day.

natural remedies for high blood pressure change in feeding patterns which are used by the patient and that by the juice of some fruit with some vegetables such as carrots - spinach - parsley - garlic, onions - Works of juice and taken him for a certain period is one month to rid the body of any deposits and accumulation of sodium chloride, also provide the body with metal potassium, and is recommended repeat this way twice a year to get a better result, God willing, and enjoy a normal life is beautiful. It was found a relationship between high blood pressure and personal mood, with more people with high pressure are people who love to wheel and speed in complete with their lives in the shortest possible time, and blood pressure is sometimes genetically prepared myself sometimes When observed weekly for individuals with blood pressure, noted that the high blood pressure is not on a single frequency, but changed from day to day and week to week.

Also proved to be the environment, food and the weather a major role in these differences varied and nervousness, stress, cold days in the patient's pressure rises to a large extent, but in the warm days it drops,

In folk medicine there are some medications help to stabilize blood pressure to suit the body:

1 - supply the body Balhawwaamad ended by eating apples, grapes, berries, or drink juice, and the quantity required for this are: 4 cups of this juice daily is distributed on the amount of three meals, and if replaced by apple vinegar two tablespoons of it in a cup of water you drink with every meal longer adequate for the intended purpose.
2 - to replace the injured on the mainland because the mainland, such as corn sugar gain urine alkaline reaction Refining kidneys from the blood to customize the degree of alkalinity to the only natural.
3 - the properties of salt that it makes the fluid in the body, For people with high blood pressure should avoid the use of food salt because they cause thirst and a lot of drinking water remains the orbits with the circulatory mixed blood, causing a higher degree of blood pressure to that produced by the kidneys and expel him out.

Honey and also the effect of anti-salt and Benefits:

- It attracts water and reduce the quantity in the blood, and help does not increase the water in the body as well as a feature to attract and expel the water, thus reducing blood pressure.
It must first and foremost consult a doctor to describe the proper treatment because of herbal remedies is not suitable for all persons with Mhaazirh well. According to the decline in concern for good nutrition, balanced with a lot of natural honey in food.

Automatic Blood Pressure Machine

What in this area automatic blood pressure machine family?
Research has publicized with the intention of patients who measured their own blood pressure by family, and keep up a fixed schedule to check with your doctor the results of the control distinguished blood pressure since they be inflicted with the preeminent.
Pharmacist can produce you assistance in choosing a proper domestic pressure measurement can furthermore explain to you the correct directions blue-collar,
Inside all-purpose, you must stay on the following previous to measuring your blood pressure by family:

§ Do not drink coffee or smoke or take one alcoholic drink pro semi an hour previous to measuring the pressure.

§ Go to the bathroom previous to measuring the pressure permanently, since satiated bladder can affect the conception of pressure.

§ Relax pro 5 minutes previous to measuring.

§ Sit in a comfortable spot back a paper, and Sacak by no means straightens and the furnish placed on the desk the level of the sensitivity.

§ Wrap ring attached to the device slap around the arm following the fleeting directions.

§ confirmation the results and keep them pro assess with your doctor.

Advantage of automatic blood pressure machine - Sphygmomanometer several advantages pro the surplus of the health check diplomacy ... It is the generally often used and manufacture and marketing ... So as not to be used exclusively pro the doctor single ... Can furthermore be used by one calculate and one place ... But can be considered the single health check device used by the infected person and the person on the shape of both!!! Hence the splendid substance of this device ...

Blood pressure is measured by a special device consists primarily of a belt inside the bag (km) rubber - Cuff Rubber air is to the top in by furnish vacuum pump and connection with this bag measuring device, which illustrates the regard of pressure measured (either in a schooner cylinder to the top with mercury liquid listed or which form of digital electronic counter) furthermore used the headset Medical - Medical Stethoscope to hear the voice of blood tide all through the measurement.

The means of blood pressure measurement does not clash much from the basic physics concepts used to rate one pressure ... When measuring blood pressure in the clinic, wrapped quantity on the patient's arm (above the elbow) is skilled and at that time blow air into the quantum to be graze rancid blood tide in the brachial pathway - Brachial Artery pro the left over part of the arm for the interim at this time will get behind the pathway on the go up of the belt by pressure generated by the sensitivity to get behind blood and hence can be measured by the exchange in air pressure inside the bag by changing the pressure in the pathway ... Is at that time lowering the pressure surrounded by the volume through the unfilled air increasingly so with the intention of the blood tide to the person, which measures blood pressure using a headset to take note to the sounds ensuing from changes in the tide of blood through the pathway (called Voices Krokotov), which determines the amount of automatic blood pressure machine by the control facts with the intention of commence with and aim here, persons voices, as soon as the blood tide will hear his voice by the lecturer in a timely style is read on a pressure measurement represents the regard of distinguished pressure (systolic pressure) ... Until you make to the top everywhere sound disappears blood tide in the headset is selected at that time the smallest regard of the pressure in the metering device (diastolic pressure)

Lower Blood pressure Fast

lower blood pressure fast is a mysterious disease impacts strive to be interpreted contrary to high blood pressure, which are clear effects on the heart and other organs of the body. In fact, from ancient times there was no reading real reflect the low or high blood pressure, but at the present time is the reading of 120/80 mmHg as the correct reading of what is normal blood pressure is increased by a rise in blood pressure and say it is a drop in blood pressure.

The decline in lower blood pressure fast is less dangerous than high, and this applies to people who exercise regularly are at the top of their fitness, where the decline in their blood is an indicator of health and fitness, but this does not apply to all cases, there are many patients who suffer from disease, lower blood pressure may suffer bouts of dizziness and fainting, or one of the symptoms of heart disease and hormonal disorders, or neurological. The decline in blood pressure, severe deprives the brain and other organs of the body the task of the arrival of oxygenated blood and food to them and this leads to the disruption of body functions and fainting.

What are the symptoms and signs of lower blood pressure fast?
Dizziness, blurred consideration, loss of concentration, nausea, feeling cold, damp and pale skin, rapid shallow breathing, fatigue, thirst, fainting

What are the reasons for the lower blood pressure fast?
Athletes and sports people, practitioners regularly have their blood pressure is relatively low for other persons. This also applies to non-smokers and people who eat limited amounts of food while maintaining the agility of their bodies, but in some cases, low blood pressure, a threat to health has shown the American Society for heart disease, possible causes of lower blood pressure fast, namely:

* Pregnant women: Certainly, in the period of pregnancy increases the blood circulation of pregnant and this will result in a sharp drop in blood pressure, and in fact the first four months of pregnancy will come down the blood pressure pregnant by 5 to 10 degrees in systolic blood pressure and the amount of 10 to 15 degrees in diastolic blood pressure

Drugs: There are a lot of medications that cause low blood pressure, including diuretics and other medicines used to treat high blood pressure and medications used to treat heart disease and anti-depressants and stimulants sexual and narcotic drugs
Heart Disease: Some diseases of the heart may be the cause of low blood pressure, including reduced heart disease, diseases of the heart valves and heart attacks and sudden cardiac death. All of these diseases lead to lower pump blood from the heart and the lack of access to adequate quantities of blood of the body.
# Endocrine problems: In the event of a disruption in the secretion of hormones from endocrine glands, it leads to an imbalance in blood pressure and lead to low pressure
Drought: In case of loss of the body to large amounts of water and not be compensated, this will decrease the amount of blood the body and thus lower blood pressure and thus will be less amount of oxygen bound to the members of the body
Severe bleeding: bleeding due to injury, direct or internal bleeding would result in the loss of the body to large amounts of blood the body can not compensate, leading to a sharp drop in blood pressure.
# Microbial contamination of blood: In case of bacterial secretions to enter the blood, and this results in inflammation of the lung or intestine or urinary tract which is usually accompanied by microbial contamination of blood and these infections result in a sharp drop in blood pressure
Undernutrition: The result in a severe shortage of vitamin B 12 and folate deficiencies, and that is the so-called disease, anemia, leading to a decrease in the number of red blood cells and this leads to lower blood pressure.

What are the complications resulting from disease, lower blood pressure fast?
If low blood pressure than normal will feel sick dizzy and weak and fainted, but if the situation has developed to a severe drop in blood pressure would be its effects on the body is dangerous due to the lack of sufficient quantities of oxygen to the members and this may lead to a lack of work or damage to, God forbid.

What are the protective factors of the disease lower blood pressure fast?

Drink plenty of fluids
Eating health food and not a lot of fatty foods
Careful to stand to avoid falling as a result of low blood pressure
Avoid standing for long periods under the sun

Medical advice when required?
It is important to visit the doctor when feeling any symptom of low blood pressure and very helpful to identify these symptoms and how your interaction with them and tell the doctors out and this helps the accuracy of diagnosis and then select the optimal treatment.